Banana Bread (Caution: It’s delicious!)

Banana bread, you positively can’t go wrong with Banana bread. It is a regular crowd pleaser, has nothing to hide, and, as its high summer is perfect for afternoon tea!

Go on! indulge yourself in some Banana Bread, its not difficult, but be warned! For those who are impatient it does take 55 mins to cook!


2 Ripe Bananas

2 tbsp of Runny Honey

150 Grams of  Caster Sugar

150 Grams of Margarine

2 Large Eggs

2 tbsp of Coconut Yogurt

150 Grams of Self Raising Flour

1 tsp of Vanilla Extract


Preheat your oven at 180 degrees, line a bread tin with grease proof baking paper.

Beat the margarine and sugar together in a bowl, after add the eggs one at a time. To stop the mixture from curdling add a tea spoon of self raising flour to the mixture. Slowly add the flour and mix together.

In another bowl peel two bananas, add the honey and mash together (don’t worry if its a little lumpy) once its all mashed and mixed together add the yogurt.

Combine both of them together in one bowl. Then pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 55 mins, to check that its cooked put a knife into the centre of the cake.

for decoration, dissolve 100 grams of sugar in a pan with a cup of water, wait for it to boil and turn to a golden brown colour. You’ve just made caramel! Add slices of banana to the top of the cake along with a dusting of icing sugar. then pour the caramel on



*Especially nice with a cup of Earl Grey Tea 😉





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